With so many practices to choose from, dentists are looking for ways to distinguish themselves. Our focus is to support these dental practitioners by helping to highlight specialized procedures and overall patient care by both principals and staff. Some of the areas we cover include cosmetic, orthodontists, sleep apnea, esthetic and restorative services, crown and bridge, inlays and onlays, periodontics, implants, and pediatrics.


Using video reinforces corporate branding, conveys transparency, enhances engagement and highlights social initiatives. Video communicates your mission, most important directives and news, clearly, effectively and consistently accross multiple digital channels and media.

Health Care

The medical community is brimming with possibilities for videos, as patients are seeking out education and treatment of their medical conditions as well as cutting edge advances. Hospitals, doctors and institutions can use videos for continuing education. Videos are also an effective way to help differentiate specific healthcare institutions to the general public by providng powerful messages that leave as undeniable impression.


Well-made videos can tell your story in ways that engage audiences to feel the passion of your organization’s mission. They inspire people to get involved and interested by transporting them to see what you are doing and how you are doing it. Furthermore, they can transform your organization’s fundraising and advocacy efforts. Whether you are appealing for donors, sponsorship or volunteers, video can help get your message accross by leaving a powerful undeniable impression.


GTN Creative produces videos with a diverse range of styles, talents and production methods to help support the needs of our clients.  They can be presented on  websites as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook®, YouTube, television, professional meetings, conferences and other live events.


Examples of the types of videos we produce include:

Behind-the-Scenes/Staff videos

These offer your potential clients a little peek into how you operate, they can get to know the team that will be taking care of them, and feel more comfortable with your company. When they finally walk into your door, they’ll know exactly what to expect.

Informational Videos

These videos are used to present your clients the information they need to know to make an educated and smart decision. This style empowers your audience and increases your authority in their eyes.

Client Testimonials

We live in the Amazon review, Angie’s List age. Today’s consumers are curious about how previous clients liked your businesses. Testimonial videos are an ideal way to position your most avid clients in front of prospective clients. Testimonials foster trust and give the lowdown on your business’ practices and services.

Promotional Videos

These videos are crafted to instantly engage a specific audience. They are stimulating and leave a powerful, undeniable impression by reminding people that your company is run by people with similar values and beliefs.  They increase your competitive edge and differentiate your business by getting viewers to feel a connection to your brand.

Presentation Support

Whether it’s a professional event, a conference or a business meeting, these videos highlight discussions and provide the details that reinforce your message. They enable the  audience to actually see the uniqueness of what you do and have achieved.

Interview Videos

Having worked with an incredibly diverse range of people, we know how to make our interview subjects feel relaxed, no matter their level of experience talking on-camera. We pride ourselves on authenticity and always favor a natural down-to-earth approach.  We take the time to understand your key messages to ensure that we capture them on video.

Product Spotlight/Demo Videos

Product demo videos are a great way to showcase your products and prove its usability, uniqueness, and superiority.

Presentation Support

Whether it’s a professional event, a conference or a business meeting, these videos highlight discussions and provide the details that reinforce your message. They enable the  audience to actually see the uniqueness of what you do and have achieved.

Online Series

Fun/personal entertaining short videos that show a more personal and humanizing side of your company, make your prospective clients feel at ease.  These videos have the potential to go viral on popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


They show your customer why they can’t live without you in one minute or less. They’re everywhere- TV, Online, even at the gas pump. They can be informative, funny, provocative; a commercial is how you introduce yourself to the world.

Corporate Videos

These videos are crafted to deliver a message that is tailored to to have the greatest impact for the client and their audience.


Networks and local broadcasters are running shorter 5-minute infomercials on their syndicated TV shows. GTN Creative can help you with everything from concept to final production to make every one of those 5 minutes be as effective as possible.

Fundraising Videos

These videos have the greatest impact by utilizing fimmaking techniques that engage the viewers on an emotional level so they can feel your passsion for your organization’s mission in a way that you do.

Video Blogging

This style of video is content-focused and strives to answer the questions that your ideal clients are asking. Instead of reading about how your product/service can solve their problem, they can watch a video that explains just that.

Training Videos

Videos that detail every important process in your business geared to make the staff training process more efficient. They provide visual demonstrations that can be more clear than studying in a manual or staring at static diagrams.

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